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Monday, February 26, 2024

UN urges schools to introduce guidelines for use of AI tools among children

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The United Nations, a pivotal contributor to the promotion of global welfare and the comprehensive growth of societies, has issued a significant declaration concerning the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools within educational settings. The call is clear: Schools globally need to implement strict guidelines for AI tool usage, especially when it concerns younger minds. So, UN urges schools to introduce guidelines for use of AI tools among children.

According to UNESCO, a specialized agency of the UN, while AI can bring many potential advantages to the educational sector. The tools should ideally be limited to older students due to associated ethical dilemmas. There are growing concerns about replacing educators with generative AI programs, particularly in terms of the potential risks posed to the emotional health of students. Furthermore, there’s a rising apprehension about children becoming more susceptible to manipulation via these tools.

The major challenge here is striking a balance. On one hand, AI tools can offer personalized learning experiences, making education more inclusive and tailored to individual needs. On the other hand, if such technology is introduced without a suitable context. It may unintentionally do more harm than benefit. 

Therefore, UNESCO’s emphasis on collaborative involvement is crucial. For the safe and efficient implementation of AI in schools, active engagement from the public, concrete regulations from governments, and substantial contributions from educators, students, and researchers are necessary.

One of the primary concerns highlighted by UNESCO relates to age restrictions on certain AI tools, like ChatGPT. Currently, many AI platforms set age limits for users, but there’s a debate about what the appropriate age should be. Some experts believe raising the minimum age to 16 would be a more responsible choice. Ensuring that younger users are not inadvertently exposed to content or suggestions that could be detrimental.

As technology relentlessly progresses and becomes an inseparable component of the educational environment. It’s crucial to ensure that it functions as a tool for empowerment rather than a potential generator of harm. The call from the UN and UNESCO is not to deter the use of AI in education. But to navigate its integration with caution, responsibility, and a collective vision for the betterment of future generations.

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