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U.S. Govt Seizes Domains from Popular Sports Streaming Piracy Websites

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For years, piracy has been a major problem in the entertainment industry, and the sports streaming industry is no exception. Despite efforts by governments and industry leaders to combat piracy, many people still access pirated sports streaming websites to watch live games without paying for them.

However, the U.S. government recently took a significant step to combat this issue by seizing domains from popular sports streaming piracy websites. In this article, we’ll explore this recent development and the implications of these seizures. And what it means for the sports streaming industry.


Popular sports streaming piracy websites have been around for years, and they operate by illegally streaming live sports events to viewers. These websites often have an extensive library of live sports events from around the world. They stream without authorization from the sports leagues or broadcasters that own the rights to these events. Many of these websites have sophisticated technology to evade detection and shutdown, making it challenging for authorities to bring them to justice.

The U.S. government has been working to combat piracy in the sports streaming industry for years. In 2019, the Department of Justice (DOJ) shut down two major sports streaming piracy websites, which had a combined total of 80 million visitors per year. These shutdowns were a significant blow to the sports streaming piracy industry, but it’s a massive industry, and many other websites are still operational.

U.S. Govt Seizes Domains

Recently, the U.S. government took another significant step in its efforts to combat piracy by seizing domains from popular sports streaming piracy websites. The DOJ announced in a press release that it had seized three domains associated with these websites, including Crackstreams.com, and Buffstreams. tv, and Boxingstreams.net.

According to the DOJ, these domains were seized in response to a seizure order issued by a U.S. District Court. The order claimed that the websites were breaking US law by providing unauthorized access to live sporting events, including pay-per-view events.

The DOJ’s seizure of these domains means that the websites associated with them are no longer accessible to users in the U.S. Furthermore, the DOJ has warned that it will continue to take action against websites that offer illegal access to live sports events.

Seized domains

The U.S. government has seized multiple websites related to sports streaming piracy over time. Here are five websites that have been seized in recent years:  

1.  Crackstreams.com

2.  Buffstreams.tv

3.  Boxingstreams.net

4.  Firstrow.net

5.  Rojadirecta.me


The seizure of these domains has significant implications for the sports streaming piracy industry. First and foremost, it is a strong statement from the United States. A government that it takes piracy seriously and is ready to prosecute those who engage in it. This seizure is a signal to other sports streaming piracy websites that they’re not immune to legal action.

Secondly, this seizure will likely have a significant impact on the consumers who use these websites to watch sports illegally. With these domains seized, users in the U.S. can no longer access these websites. Which will force them to look for alternative means of watching live sports events illegally. While some users may switch to other pirated websites, others may turn to legitimate sports streaming services. Which could result in increased revenue for the sports leagues and broadcasters.

Finally, the seizure of these domains may also impact legitimate sports streaming services. With these popular piracy websites shut down, there may be an increase in demand for legitimate streaming services. This could be an opportunity for these services to capture a new audience and generate more revenue.

FAQ: U.S. Govt Seizes Domains from Popular Sports Streaming Piracy Websites

What is Domain Piracy?

Domain piracy is a form of cybercrime in which a person—commonly referred to as a cybersquatter—registers someone else’s business name as a web domain with malicious intent. They can then use it to create and host their site or sell the name for profit

What is sports streaming piracy?

A: Sports streaming piracy refers to the illegal streaming of live sports events, such as football games, basketball matches, and boxing fights. Pirates often use websites or apps to stream these events without the permission of the sports leagues or broadcasters.

Conclusion | U.S. Govt Seizes Domains

The U.S. government’s seizure of domains from popular sports streaming piracy websites is a positive development in the fight against piracy. It conveys a clear message to other piracy websites that they will face legal consequences.

However, this seizure alone is unlikely to eliminate piracy in the sports streaming industry. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to collaborate to combat piracy and ensure that sports fans can experience live events lawfully and safely.

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