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How to Make Shoes Slippery for Dancing

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The main topic is to make shoes slippery. Even the shoes you buy are not misleading as new. But with local homemade or buyable products, you can make your boots tricky or shuffling for dancing.

Many procedures are irreversible. If you need these procedures, ensure you only use those shoes for dancing and shuffling. Otherwise, you are going to slip away and will injure yourself.

What common materials are used to make shoes slippery for dancing?

Sandpaper, gaffer tape, and used paper are common materials for making your shoes slippery for dancing and shuffling.

Best Shoes for Shuffling

Shuffling dance is the best from the past many years since the 1980s. It is also known as club dancing, as it originated in Australia. Mainly, the people who do shuffling dance are offering special requirements about their shoes. Apart from being durable, they must be more stylish and captivating for full attention during the performance, especially in public view.

Some shoes are best for the shuffling dance:

1. Odema Unisex LED shoes

As the name shows, LED shoes fit best for males and females. These shoes are designed incredibly stylishly, making them perfect for dancing for both males and females. The Odema unisex shoes are very comfortable and durable due to the PU leather they comprise. 

Pros and Cons 

  1. It is made up of PU leather of high quality.
  2. Stylish and attractive design from outside
  3. It is made up of Rubber outside, which enhances its stability.
  4. Its style makes it interesting in its look.

2. Mohem Shiny High Top Shoes

Having the best shoes for shuffling shoes means for both boys and girls, or it can be a child too, by these qualities, you may get impressed by the outlook of these shoes because these shoes are specially designed for kids and adults.

These shoes seem perfect and can turn out to be the best shoes for shuffling you will ever have. These shoes have collars in their pad that can give you the best durability during movements. 

Pros and Cons

  1. These shoes are usually available in a wide range of colors
  2. These shoes are easy and comfortable enough
  3. They are typically easy to control in any situation
  4. Made up of classic quality.
  5. It usually comes with a padded collar to make it more comfortable
  6. But most of them are not so durable
  7. They were expensive too.

3. Wozom LED Shoes

These shoes depend upon many factors, depending upon their quality and durability. These shoes consist of cotton inside to make them more comfortable. The cotton inside is so soft and high quality that it can absorb sweat and smell, and it always makes your foot dry in any situation.

Its material is of high quality. PU leather is used too, and the rubber sole has some significant parts of these shoes and mainly the cotton fabric, which makes it more enjoyable to use during shuffling dance. They also have hidden buttons inside of shoes, usually a USB port; you can use it to fix the shoes or change their coloring or fashion.

Pros and Cons

  1. It is specially made of PU leather, which is a significant factor in its durability.
  2. Its features include LED lights which makes it more interesting.
  3. It has 7 ranges of different colors in it.
  4. The outside of the shoes is made up of Rubber, which is enough for its stability.
  5. It also comes with a switch that can keep you free from any irritation
  6. There is no charger included in the package of shoes.
  7. If there is some glue work on it, it will look better.

4. Shuffling Shoes

Wide ranges of shuffling shoes can be used for dancing and slipping purposes. Some prominent features make it more enjoyable to use. 

Pros and Cons

  • ODEMA LED shoes
  • SANYES with USB charging LED shoes
  • Fiber Optic sneakers with LED light, especially for flashing festivals and parties
  • WONZOM LED shoes also have a USB port for Men and Women.
  • Pastry POP gird shoes usually used for dancing 
  • PUMA shiffle sneakers
  • Skechers kid’s shuffling shoes
  • UMYOGO nonslip running shoes

How to Make dance shoes

In the first step, a rough sketch is made on the page. Some use old references to the shoes to make it easier for them to distinguish between the sizes of the shoes.

But now, with the latest technology, three-dimensional structures are made on computers instead of paper for the initial steps.

  • In the next step, you must separate the cut pieces through digital scanned software. It is called CAD software- By using this, we can measure the shoe’s cutting, stitching, and other angles. 
  • The top part of the shoe is usually called the upper part. These cut parts of the upper are stitched together out of many other parts.
  • But out of men’s shoes, the uppers of women’s shoes are usually made up of two parts. One will be the front part, and the other will be the rare one.
  • All the separate parts get stitched in the stitching department, and all other processes occur in their own departments according to the rules and regulations.
  • The finished shoebox is wrapped in tissue paper to avoid scratching.

How to make Shoes more slippery

There are a few tips to make your shoes more slippery. For example, if your shoes are Rubber, you can make them more slippery and shuffle using sandpaper. Before making any of your shoes slippery, remember this process is irreversible. Other than rubbing your shoe with sandpaper can weaken its elasticity.

To make them slippery, here are some instructions that should be followed before the procedure.

  1. Always look for sandpaper that can scrape off the texture pattern signs on the sole of your shoes.
  2. Hold your shoes on the left-hand upside down. It would be better for you to put your hand inside the shoes to make your soles firm. 
  3. Try to forcefully rub your shoe’s sole with sandpaper in a circular motion.
  4. Once it gets smooth, wipe it with a soaked cloth.
  5. Repeat the same procedure with your other shoe until you find both shoes slippery enough per your demands.
  6. Usually, try to rub the shoes with olive oil whenever you want to use them for dancing or shuffling.

How to make dance shoes less slippery

A wide variety of shoes worldwide, especially those with plastic or leather, can have frustrating slippery soles. On the other hand, compared to new shoes, the old shoes that are worn smooth and tear manner are soft enough.

Having slippery shoes is not a good idea for using those shoes in a regular routine. But in this case, we have seen a lot of injuries just by slipping. 

There are three methods for making your shoes less slippery.

  1. Breaking in the new soles
  2. Use of group-adding products
  3. Knowing what should be the precautions

There are other ways to make your shoes nonslippery and best for dancing and shuffling.

  • By using the Sued Paper
  • By using the Gaffer tape

These two products can also be used to make your shoes nonslippery. By rubbing them on the sole of your boots constantly 

What can you put on the bottom of the shoes to make them less slippery?

You can put several items on the bottom of your shoes to make them less slippery. The main aim of the different shoes can be the sole area for simple shoes and the heel area of the heel shoes. The heel area can also be part of the soul, but it can also give you the best place for the material to apply to it, which usually increases your traction.  

Masking tape: Masking tape can be one of the items products for securing your sole. You can also test it by finding your sweet spots by pushing the video. Most people use this tape for heel shoes.

Hairspray: Hairspray can be used for the hair and the sole of your shoes. It can work as a desperation fix, and it works. If you put the spray on the sole of your shoes and keep it for about 60-90 minutes, you will find a coat of nonslippery layer on the sole to protect your shoes from the tricky process.

Same as these adhesive sprays, band-aids, sand, and glue mixture will be one of the best materials you can put on the sole of your shoes. 


You can dance and shuffle in any shoes you like when buying them; they might be smooth then. But if you want to perform like a professional, you can make them tricky by applying different things, as discussed above in this article.

Applying those slippery procedures becomes an irreversible process. You can only further use those shoes for dancing and shuffling. Slick shoes will be dangerous for you to fall and injure yourself.

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