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“The Pathless Path” By Paul Millerd Continues To Surprise – Passing 25,000 Books Sold In The First 500 Days

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writer, poet, and storyteller. With my passion for creative expression brings life to stories and captivates readers with a vivid imagination and heartfelt narratives.

The Pathless Path is an exploration of the invisible scripts that constrain one’s life. It is not a how-to book filled with “hacks”; instead, it is a vulnerable and personal account of Paul’s journey from leaving a path centered around getting ahead and towards another, and one focused on doing work that matters.

Austin, Texas, June 5, 2023, Out of the thousands of books published every year, a precious few have the ability to change lives and sell a substantial number of copies. The Pathless Path is one of those handful of books that leaves a lasting impression. It is not a book that followed the playbook of offering conjectures and what-ifs. But instead is a deeply personal journey of one’s man awakening with his relationship to work.

pathless path

Paul Millerd chronicles his journey from leaving a successful corporate path to trying to figure out a new way forward on what he calls a “pathless path.” It is easy to see that many people are tuned in to Paul Millerd’s message.

After all, The Pathless Path recently passed more than 25,000 book sales in the first 500 days, with the majority of that happening in the second year of publication. All that without any major launch strategy, press, or traditional marketing tactics. Despite that. it has consistently ranked ahead of other popular workbooks like Designing Your Life, Deep Work, and others. The author acknowledges people like Ali Abdaal and Venkatesh Rao “who were both uniquely early in calling attention to the book before it became more successful.”

In the world of literature, reader testimonials really give insight into the worth of a book. Paul decided against getting surface-level blurbs from famous people and instead loves highlighting what real readers think. Like Wayne, who said, “More than just an important book, an important conversation. It draws you in to think deeply about not just what you may be running from but where you could run to. Practical nudging along the path you know you need to take.”

Another reader, Camilo Moreno-Salamanca said, “This may be the best self-published book I’ve ever read. It’s powerful without being stormy; it doesn’t overwhelm, it nudges; it doesn’t shout, but rather offers its hand. It’s a damn good book. You can tell this is the book you knew had to be written. But the execution and the degree of research are fantastic. It draws themes from religion, history, poetry, etc. The structure with lots of sub-chapters within the main chapters provides plenty of space to stop and pick up the book again, which makes it an easy read.”

The author recently turned down a sizeable offer from Penguin Random House to acquire the rights to The Pathless Path. Paul said, “It was an easy decision. People love the book and I got this far as my own publisher. Plus, the readers appreciate that I bet on myself. It’s core to the themes I write about in the book.” Despite this, demand from around the world has inspired Paul to pursue foreign translations. And has partnered with the creative Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory to make that happen.

About The Author:

Paul Millerd is an independent writer, freelancer, coach, and digital creator. He has written online for many years and has built a growing audience of people curious about imagining a new story for work and life. He spent several years working in strategy consulting before deciding to walk away and reinvent his path.

For complete information, visit:  https://think-boundless.com/the-pathless-path/

Paul Millerd
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Austin, TX

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