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How to perfectly lace ultra boost?

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Ultra boosts is a very special type of footwear that is not only suitable for adding class to your personality but also helps you in performing your best. There are a number of methods that you can use to lace up your ultra boost which depends on the fact that either you want to use them for performing physical activity e or just to add a fashion statement. 

For example, if you want to put on these shoes before running it is very important for you to have a snack fitting and for that you have to tie them up in the form of a runner loop. And if you are planning to wear them as a fashion statement it is the best choice to lift them up in the form of a DS loop style or simply uncaged lace style. 

The type of lacing highly depends on your need and preference. We are going to give you a brief and easy theoretical tutorial which will help you in understanding how you can perfectly lace ultra boost in a minimum amount of time.

Different types of lacing styles

Lacing by Runner’s Loop

Make X-Shape pattern

The first step is to tread the layers through the lower eyelets from the outer eyelets. You should keep in mind that the loop length is equal on both sides. Now cross the laces over one another in such a way that they will form an x-shaped pattern followed by threading them in the next pair of eyelets up from the outside to the inside.

Leave the top two pairs of eyelets

 Repeat this process until you are left with only two top pairs of eyelets. Keep in mind that if you want to give a snug fit to your ultra boost it is important to place them after putting them on. Before the next step keep in mind that you don’t have to cross the lace through the top eyelets. 

Make small vertical loops

Simply just pull each lace up to the top and then take it back down in such a way that you are left with a small vertical loop. Now in this step pull the right loop in such a way that it should pass through the left vertical loop and vice versa.

Do a Double knot

Put the laces in a very tight manner and lock your foot. To maximize snug fitting, a double knot is advised. 

Significance of Runners loop

This type of shoelace method is one of the most preferable methods for athletes and people who are involved in physical activities like running jumping and jogging over a longer period of time because this will make your foot secure and lock so that you don’t have to worry about losing up of your lace over a longer distance.

Lacing By DS Loop

Start by crisscrossing 

Start this process by simply placing the shoe in a traditional criss-cross pattern crossing the lace over every eyelet. Lace up in such a way that you will get an equal length of lace in the bottom two eyelets. Follow the x-shaped Criss cross method till you will reach the top place in such a way that you will go from inside to the outside through the top eyelets.

Pinch the lace between the thumb and index finger

Now pinch the lace between your thumb and index finger with your non-dominant hand. Hold both laces from the point where they come out of the top eyelets. Remember that at this point your hand will make an OK symbol.

Do a rotation of 180 using your middle finger 

Place your middle finger at the point where you have gripped the laces together. Do a rotation of 180 degrees using your hand. At this point, your index and middle finger should be in the middle of the loop.

Push the middle part partially 

Using your other hand, hold the loose ends of the lace. Using your finger digits push the middle path through the loop in such a way that it should remain out of the loop.

Cinch and tie 

Cinch the lace tightly by pulling from both sides. Close the knot by using both your hands in the opposite direction. Now you will have a loop sticking out from one of the sides and the other side will have tips of laces.

Significance of DS Loop

If you are looking for some fashion inspo you can use this ultra-boost lace style. This type of lacing technique is mostly used by high fashion and trendy people because it looks simply amazing and is very easy to achieve. When you see most of the shoes in the box you can find this type of lacing on them. By using this ultra boost lacing design you can look high fashion and feel comfortable at the same time.  

Lacing by the Uncaged method

Do the Drill of traditional crisscross

You will start this step by simply following the Crisscross lacing style keeping in mind that the length of both sides should be equalContinue the process by passing the tip of each place simultaneously through the eyelets going from inside to outside.

Keeping the tips outreach at the top

At this point, the tips will be seen coming out from both sides. Keep going by crossing the less-in-exchange pattern. 

Take the thread from the inside out

Thread both tips in such a way that the lace will be seen coming from inside to out. Repeat the whole process until you reach the second last set of eyelets.

The final step of leaving the ends free

Now the Lace should have 4 overlapping X-shaped structures. For the final step pull the lace tips from the inside towards the outside only halfway through living the tips and untied

Significance of Uncaged Loop

As we have already mentioned that this is a loose lace ultra-boost style. This type of lacing method is usually adopted to give a very unique look to the shoes. In addition to looking unique and phenomenal, this method is very suitable for slipping your foot on and off very quickly. This method is called uncased because the cage has extra space and the ends are untied. People also called this Hypebeast Style lacing.

How to choose your lacing style?

Tying up your shoelace is a very basic process but it decides a lot about how you will perform on the ground and how you will look while walking on streets while sitting in your office or gym. People adopt different methods of placing their shoes depending on their needs and preferences.

If you are an athlete you should choose a method that will fit perfectly for long-running and jogging. For this purpose, you should adopt a shoe lacing style that will give you a very snug fitting. Snug-fitted shoes not only make your food secure but also help you against a number of injuries while you are running or performing on the ground.  

If you keep your shoes in loose fitting while running the result can be pretty unfortunate as this can cause you to fall or trip while running.

However, if your goal is to look trendy and classy you should do experiments with your shoe lacing style because it will add a very loud fashion statement to your whole Outlook. For this purpose, people use a number of ways as we have mentioned the uncaged type And the DS loop type.

Conclusion | How to perfectly lace ultra boost?

In the whole discussion, we will like to state that you should always choose a lacing style that suits your personality as well as your needs. There are a lot of ways to lace ultra boost.  We have mentioned the 3 most common types of shoe-lacing methods and all these types have their own importance. However, the point that you should always keep in mind is that if you are looking for a shoe that can help you in sports and athletics you should tie it up tightly but if you want to look trendy you should always look for unique and uncanny lacing styles.

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