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Tips for How to Lace Allen Edmonds

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The first question that may come to anyone’s mind after buying shoes is how to lace Allen Edmonds. Shoelaces are considered to be one of the most fundamental parts of menswear but many people do not pay attention to them. It brings out a huge difference in the outlook of the shoes. We can see that many famous men never pay attention to their shoes. So in this article, we will discuss what Allen Edmonds laces should you pick and which ones you should not

According to your style and liking as well as how to lace your Allen Edmonds which are no doubt one of the best dress shoes out there!

For example, a black pair of Oxfords from Allen Edmonds would look so much better with a matching pair of laces.

You can always change the style of your lacing according to the kind of look you want to give your shoes. For instance, if you want a more formal look or you are going to an event. where you want to look your best then straight bar lacing is known to give you a more formal look than the other method which is crossbar lacing. Moreover, the shape of the shoelace is Attire so it is important to do it right so you can flaunt your Allen Edmonds!

Types of how to Lace Allen Edmonds:

Some of the best ways to lace dress shoes are mentioned below:

Straight Bar Lacing:

For people who question how to bar lace, this article is for you. This is one of the traditional methods of lacing and is used by so many people as we can see. Traditionally it is known as one of the best choices for Allen Edmonds lacing shoes. There are two types of straight-lacing methods which are explained below:

Method 1: Classic Straight Lace

This method always gives a clean look to your shoes by minimizing any lacings which are cross-angled. This method also gives off longer lace ends and manages to give a proper fit to your feet. If your shoelaces are short then this method is best for you as it always gives longer lace ends for you to make a proper knot.

How to lace your shoes?

This might seem a little tricky for you at the start but once you get the hang of it it will become much easier. Following are the steps that you have to follow to get that clean look for your shoes:

  1. If your shoes have six rows of eyelets then you want to start by putting the lace through both of the bottom eyelets. Make sure that both of the tips of your laces are equal in length to ensure the precision of both sides.
  2. After you put the shoelaces at the bottom, you have to straight-lace them by pulling one end of the shoelace through the other side of the eyelet.
  3. Now once they are of the same length. Make sure that one side is slightly larger by pulling out one side from the middle.
  4. Then start with the longer lace which is on the left and slide it into the other eyelet which is on the right. Goes back and your first straight bar lace is created
  5. You will have to repeat the step but start from the other side. Take the lace and insert it into the left eyelet. Then pull it through creating another straight bar lace.
  6. Continue these steps until you are done and then create a knot at the end and you will have a clean straight-laced shoe.

Method 2: Crossbar lacing:

This method takes a lot of your shoelaces which is why you will have to use a longer shoelace for this method. This method is also a little tricky and takes some time to get right but once you learn how to do it and your v starts showing then you know that you are doing it right.

How to Lace Allen Edmonds?

Following are some steps that you can follow to learn how to do crossbar lacing for your shoes:

  1. The first step of this method is similar to the straight bar lacing. After that, start by crossing your laces underneath as it will make it easier for you to tighten your shoes the way you like. Starting from the right eyelet you will have to insert your shoelace from the outside and pull it to the other side. At this point, you have to make sure that both the laces are of the same length.
  2. Next, you have to switch both laces and start crossing again. Start with the straight bar by pulling it inside out on the right side. Then take the lace from the left side and cross again underneath.
  3. Switch the laces again and start over until you are done with all of the eyelets.
  4. You will now see a small v at the tongue, which means that you have cross-laced your Allon Edmonds successfully!

Now that you have learned how to crossbar lace your shoes. You can now decide which way you prefer.

Inside Outcross lacing:

  1. Starting inside-out this time rather than outside-in from right to left and go outside in.
  2. Then switch the laces on the right and pull through so the laces go over and under. You will want to do it in a manner in which the left lace goes over and the right one goes under. Make sure that this process is consistent.
  3. Once you complete all the eyelets you will have to tie a knot over the tongue and you are done.

Outside in cross lacing:

This method starts a little differently from the other one. You will start by having the bar at the bottom row on the outside.

  1. The process starts the same by crossing and the underside of the lace comes up and then is pushed outside in. Here the bar lace is straight at the bottom and then you start crossing.
  2. Now the left side is over the right and keeps continuing in this manner. In the end, you can tie a knot over the tongue. This style is more on the casual side so you can wear your Allen Edmonds laces and shoes everywhere!

Types of knots:

There are many ways to tie your Allen Edmonds up. But the ones we chose for you are the best methods. These will not only give your shoelaces a neat finish but will also give a better outlook.

  1. The basic knot:

This is one the easiest and quickest way to tie your laces and gives off a neat and classic look to the shoe. To achieve this look you have to follow the steps below:

  • Start by making a half-know on one side and a loop on the other side which should be your right.
  • After that take the longer end and start wrapping it around the loop you had created on your right side.
  • Once you make another loop, pull it through and you are done.

      2. The Tennis knot:

This knot is also known as the double knot. This is also a very simple way to tie your shoes.

All you have to do is form two loops, both on the right and left, and then tie them to each other. It gives a bulky outlook and makes it hard to untie.

      3. Parison Knot:

Following are the steps you can follow to achieve the Parison knot:

  • Start by creating a half knot.
  • Next, make a basic knot by creating a loop on your right and wrapping it around the left two times.
  • As the first loop is created you will have to hold the shoelace between your index finger and thumb of your right hand to create another loop.
  • When you are done, pull both of ends and adjust the knot by pulling on the loose ends.

Conclusion | How to Lace Allen Edmonds

Now that you have learned how to lace your Allen Edmond laces. You can easily choose what style and color you want to go with. Straight and cross-lacing both are classic ways to lace your shoes. Try both of these and choose the one in which you feel the most comfortable.

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