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How to Clean Adidas Alphabounce- Easy Methods

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People love to buy shoes, but with buying things like shoes there comes the process of keeping them clean and neat. When it comes to shoes, the cleaning process is pretty important. There are so many household products for how to clean Adidas Alphabounce that make it easier for us to clean shoes using products like detergents. Toothpaste, baking soda, cleanser, etc.

1- How to Clean Adidas Alphabounce

Having Adidas shoes with dirt can ruin their look and appearance and even keeping them dirty can make them smell very bad from the inside. Fortunately, there are many ways to clean your Adidas shoes. Some common household products like laundry, detergent, and baking soda could be one of them. By daily cleaning your Adidas shoes, their shoelaces, and insoles you can make them look brand new for a long time.

2- Instructions for making them look brand new

Cleaning the outside of Adidas shoes

Cleaning the outside of Adidas shoes

1- The first step is to shake off all the dirt from your shoes and do this outside of your house so the dirt on your shoes does not get all over your floor. Hit both the soles of your shoes together a few times to wipe away all the dirt dislodged on your shoe’s stuff.

2- Try to remove the stubborn dirt particles from your shoe’s sole with a dry and clean toothbrush. Take the clean toothbrush and move it back and forth on the dirty side of your shoe’s sole. Remember not to use the toothbrush on the upper portion of your shoes, you may damage them by doing this. Store that toothbrush and wash it completely by keeping it in a plastic bag so that you can reuse it whenever you want to.

3- Try to wipe your shoes with laundry detergent or using warm water. The procedure for using this is to put a drop of detergent in a bowl of warm water and dip a soft cloth in that water. Clean the upper portion and sole of your shoes gently using the cloth. Run down the cloth by moving it back and forth on the dirty spot until all the dirt wipes away.

4- Put that cloth in warm water and move the cloth over the shoes to wipe out the detergent from your shoes. Clean the sole and upper portion of the shoes completely so that there is no detergent left on Adidas shoes. You need to wipe off all the detergent from your shoes by using a soft cloth so it does not get dry on your shoes and make them. 

5- After the cleaning process, let your shoes get dry. Keep those shoes in the air to dry overnight. Keep your shoes somewhere inside your house so that they can get dry at room temperature. Remember not to use the heater to speed up the process of drying, it could damage its material.

Washing out your Shoelaces 

Washing out your Shoelaces 

1- The Other process which also helps in making them look better is to clean your shoelaces. Take off your shoelaces first, it’s very easy to clean them when they are separate from your shoes. Set your shoes on one side after you remove the laces. 

2- Apply the stain remover on the dirty side of the laces. If you are going to use a spray bottle of stain remover, then spray it directly on the dirty part of your laces. On the other hand, if you are using a liquid stain remover, then the way to use it is to pour some stain remover liquid onto some cloth and dab it on the dirty part of your laces. Remember to read the instructions for the stain remover before using it.

3- After the stain removal process, wash the shoelaces in the machine with other loads of your laundry. If the shoelaces of your shoes are white, wash them with white clothes so that they don’t absorb other colors.  If you are using colored shoelaces then try to wash them with the same color laundry. Wash it the same way you wash your clothes.

4- Let that shoelace get dry overnight by air. Keep them on some table or some top area. Avoid the shoelaces getting dry in the machine otherwise, they will shrink. 

Airing process of your insoles

Airing process of your insoles

1- There are insoles in every shoe that make it comfortable to walk. Take those insoles out of your shoes. Those insoles are basically the material of the padded flap that is used to line up the bottom of your shoes inside. Lift the shoes and pull them up.

If they don’t come out by pulling them upward, try to clean them inside the shoes.

2- Take some baking soda and sprinkle it on the insole and let it dry overnight. Baking soda will absorb all the bad aroma of your insole that is making it smell bad. Use enough baking soda to cover up the upper surface of both shoe insoles.

3- After this, take the brush and brush all the baking soda out of your insoles. Try to brush it off on some trash or plastic bag. Another way is to take the insole out and shake off all the baking soda from it. Once you shake off all the baking soda from your insoles, you can put them back into your Adidas shoes.

How to Clean Adidas Alphabounce

There are so many ways to clean alpha-bounce white shoes or any other type. 

There exist some household products as well as some readymade products for this process, but using some household products would be an easier and cheaper way to clean up your shoes in less time. 

1- Products used for the Cleansing process

  • By Using Cleanser

The use of a cleanser can also be the best way for this. Mix the cleanser and water in a bowl, add a little amount of clothing cleanser to warm water, and use a soft cloth or washing material softly on the stained or dirty portion of your shoes. Rub it off gently, and wipe off all the material lodged on the shoes with warm water.

For the washing of your Alphabounce shoes, the following material may use:

  • Some quantity of a basin or a water
  • Laundry soap can also clean it in a better way
  • A toothpick can be used to clean the small areas of your shoes
  • A washing cloth can shake off the dirt from the upper portion of your shoes, and also it can be used for the cleansing process by mixing it in warm water
  • Baking soda can be used to clean the smell of insoles.
  • Aerosol protection can make your insole line up at the bottom.

Conclusion | How to Clean Adidas Alphabounce

Your Adidas alpha-bounce shoes are very easy to maintain and manage with some easy tricks to make them look perfect. We have discussed several methods of cleaning them. Always begin the cleaning process by shaking off the loose dirt, and separating shoelaces and insoles to make them clean independently.

You can also use toothpaste, and dishwashing soap, or can wash them by hand. Use the soft brushes and scrub the shoes lightly with your hands to prevent the quality of your Adidas alpha-bounce shoes. In case your shoes get stained for a long time, you need to soak them in detergents or cleansers for some time. 

As soon as you clean your shoes, take some time to inspect the damage that further can be fixed.

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