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How To Suggest A Friend On Facebook?

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One of the best ways to broaden and expand your network on the Facebook community is by recommending/suggesting some friends to other users added to your network. In this article, we will show you can follow the simple procedure of how to suggest a friend on Facebook.

Step-by-Step Guidelines:

Method no. 1: By Using the feature “People You May Know” 

The feature on Facebook, “People You May Know”, is a tool that can suggest potential people to users based on your mutual friends, shared interests & thoughts, and other factors.

We will guide you through step-by-step guidelines.

1. Step 1, you will log in to your Facebook profile (which you can create simply by using your Gmail ID or Phone Number).

2. Step 2: Explore the account of the person that you want to suggest as a friend.

3. Step 3: Click on the three dots showing after their name.

4. Click on the button “Suggest Friends” from the Hoover menu over their profile.

5. A pop-up box will appear with text on “Suggest Friends.” Simply type the name of the person that you want to suggest in the search box right above the top.

6. To suggest a person, click the “Suggest” button next to their username when you see their profile.

7. You can also suggest multiple friends all at once by simply clicking on, “Add More Friends” & repeat the same process.

Method no. 2: Manually suggest a friend

This Method includes going to the person’s profile you want and clicking on the “Add Friend” button showing at the top of their profile. 

It will send a friend request to the person that you just added. You can also write a personalized message with a friend request feature to let that person know why you want to connect with them on Facebook.

Step-by-Step Guidelines:

  1. Search for the person’s profile that you want to add.
  2. Just hit “Add Friend” over the list of options that show up below the picture on their profile.
  3. Click the “Add a personal message” button afterward to the friend request, type what you want to say in the message box, and click Send with a friend request.

You must keep in mind that they could decline your request if they have modified the privacy settings on their profile so that they only accept invitations to become friends with people they know. The best dealing with this scenario is to contact that person and request that they choose to connect with you instead.

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember, only suggest friends to the people you know personally. Don’t suggest people you have never met or know very well.
  • Always remember the privacy settings of the person that you are suggesting. If their profile is private they may not receive any of your suggestions.
  • Remember to avoid suggesting too many friends all at once. Facebook may flag your account as spam for suspicious activity.
  • Don’t take it too personally if someone doesn’t accept your friend’s suggestion. They may have their reasons for not accepting others’ suggestions.

Why suggest friends on Facebook?

Suggestions for friends on your profile on Facebook might help you in enlarging your circle of friends and engaging with individuals who match similar passions, concepts, or activities. It may help your friends explore new relationships in their circles while building their connections and profile. In addition, adding friends to your profile could improve your whole Social experience by providing additional possibilities and opportunities to connect with those around you.

Facebook has made it very easy for you to suggest friends to your connections & network on this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I suggest friends to someone from my profile who is not in my friend list on Facebook?

No, you can only just suggest friends to the people who are already on your friend list.

How many friends I can suggest at once?

You can suggest multiple friends at a time, but the best thing is to avoid suggesting too many friends at once because Facebook can flag your account as spam.

Will the unknown person I suggest as a friend receive a notification?

Yes, the person you nominate as a friend will receive an alert that you have done that through your account.

What if someone adds me as a Facebook friend?

You get the choice of accepting or declining the friend suggestion. The person won’t suggest you as a friend again in the future if you reject.

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