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How to Clip in SPD Shoes

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What are SPD Shoes?

SPD shoes are also called spud or Shimano Pedalling Dynamics, which usually refers to the term paddling of mountain biking shoes with clippers. Most mountain bikers use these types of SPD shoes for their ride. These shoes come with a lot of adjustments and sizes. In this blog post we will try to learn how to clip in SPD Shoes.


These shoes represent the cleat system having 2 holes, having a cleat plate on it. This thing finds out to be the most adventurous thing about SPD cleat shoes with recesses. These shoes allow you to walk in with proper safety on-road as well as on a bike. These shoes can either be used indoors or outdoor biking. 

How to Clip in SPD Shoes:

To use your SPD shoes, clip these shoes into SPD clipless pedals, your shoes must be having cleats. Cleats are generally the objects which are fixed at the bottom of your SPD shoes, you can also attach them to pedals as well.

The procedure starts with having two separate cleats. Remember a wrong cleat mount can lead you to a big problem.


Step 1: Uninstalling the Cleat

First, uninstall the cleat if it is already clipped in the cleat before. By default, all the cleats are wrongly clipped. 

Note: You can also use the Alen key bolt to unlock the cleat in an anticlockwise direction. This will lose the grip of the bolts, then you can resume the process of uninstalling the cleat.

Step 2: Reinstalling Cleat in a Correct way

  1. Wear one shoe at a time. Trace that ball off the cleat on your foot on the exterior side which will be adjacent to your toe box. 
  2. Mark on the shoe of the ball side with a visible pen, if the ink is removable it will be best because it will not leave the coloring on your shoe. 
  3. Now Remove your shoe, and make a mark across the bottom of your shoe
  1. Now take that marked cleat. Match the line on the bottom of your shoe, and start the process of installing the cleat.
  1. Put those 2 holes on the cleat side, and the cleat plate too. Start with placing the one and leave it loose, place the bolt in order. After all, this, tighten your bolts completely into their place. 

Make sure all your bolts are completely tight for your safety. 

Step 3: Clip that into the bike pedals

  1. Now, wear your cleat shoes on the bike. Place your toe side on the downside of your bike, which will be onto the surface of the pedal. A crack sound will be echoed, which will assure you of the success of a perfect clip-in.
  1. Once you are all set, try to pedal slowly at first. This will make your feet adjust, while the cleats will be adjusted to the pedals completely.

If you have taken all the steps carefully, you are all set for a possibly good ride ahead. 

An alternative way of Clipping-in 

After the installation of your cleats, you do not need to reinstall the cleats every time you set them on your bike or cycle. 

After setting the cleats, you will only set the grip of the cleats sometimes.  Make sure to tighten them, if they are not, you can adjust their gripes occasionally.

Why do you need to tighten those Cleats?

  • If your cleats are left loose, It will be difficult for you to clip them out. Generally, they can be clipped out by twisting the heel of your shoes away from those pedals, and those will be clipped out. This will only take less than 10 seconds. 
  • However, if those cleats are left loose, it will be difficult for you to clip them out, and you will not get successful. 
  • The second thing, when your cleats will leave loose, it will make your ride uncomfortable. You will neither get confident from your ride nor be safe. Hence, the tightness of those clips is important for your ride. 

What is meant by Float? And how do they work with cleats?

When you are learning the process of clipping cleats, you will surely forget about floats. So now, what is the meaning of float? And they work on pedals? 

Float is meant to be the amount of rotation you make on the pedals, but the cleats of your shoes should not be moving along your shoes. It is the total combination of rotation of your shoes and cleats on the pedals.

SPD shoes and cleats usually come with floats. It can be fixed along the direction of your cleats and pedals. Each cleat has some color that shows the amount of float on your shoes. 

Float is used to make comfort for you on your bike, and it makes it slightly important. It works as arch support, which supports your heel, and knee, and lowers back pain. 

What is the role of the Bottom Line?

Clipping in the SPD shoes is very simple, but for the successful completion of your clips, you do need some tips. Once you buy those SPD shoes, you can take many spinning classes as well, because these shoes are universal. There are a few bike pedals, such as peloton which will not be suitable for your pedals. As you have set your cleats and pedals successfully, you can easily use them indoors as well as outdoors. Brace yourself for a ride with perfect pedals. 

Conclusion | How to Clip in SPD Shoes

The main thing and advantage of clipping in SPD shoe cleats are it gives you ride comfort, and control over your bike. When you clip in the cleats successfully, you will get that confidence of not slipping off from your ride, as it gives comfort to your feet and heel as well. SPD shoes with proper clipping of cleats are way better than putting your life at risk by choosing the wrong choices.

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