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How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes? An Easy Guide

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Rod laver shoes are one of the classic go-to mesh shoes for everyone as they not only provide you with style but with comfort as well. These make a perfect choice for anyone who wants to wear them daily and style them with everything. It is quite chic and offers a quite stylish and clean look.

It comes with an upper mesh that allows air to pass throughout the shoe, especially on hot days when the humidity hits the bar. The mesh design also allows you to move your feet easily but it comes with one drawback and that is you have to keep them clean all the time, by dusting off the dirt and keeping them in a clean place. The mesh design attracts a lot of dirt and absorbs all of the impurities present in the air making them look old and worn out. 

If you have ever wondered about how to clean Rod Laver Shoes, you are in luck.

The following article will give you the exact steps that you can follow to make your dirty Rod Laver Shoes clean again. Because these mesh shoes are more absorbent of dust and dirt than leather and can sometimes be very tough to clean. But that does not mean that you can just throw them in the washing machine and forget about them. So you must be wondering to yourself how to clean Rod Laver’s shoes then? How will you be able to remove all the scuffs and eliminate odors?

By following the steps below you will be able to make your Rod Laver mesh shoes look good as new!

Brush off excess dirt:

Before you start cleaning your Adidas Rod Laver shoes, always make sure that you brush off the excess dust and dirt over the outer surface of your Rod Laver shoes.

Do this by using a soft shoe brush that will not ruin the exterior of your shoes. Start by gently brushing away the dust and dirt from the surface while they are dry. If there is no shoe brush available you can use a dry soft-bristled toothbrush as well.

Do this without putting any excessive force over the shoes, as this may cause some damage and scratches to your Rod Laver mesh shoes. Start by gently stroking over your mesh shoes.

Make a cleaning solution:

Mesh shoes are very delicate so it is important you handle them with care and user agents that will not damage the shoes. Such delicate shoes can easily be damaged by using strong bleaching agents and detergents.

It is always best and advised to use cleaning agents that are natural and are made without any chemicals that may damage the shoe and decrease the lifespan of your Rod Laver sneakers.

You can make your cleaning agents at home with the things that may be present in your house already by following the steps below:

1) Take some water and let it boil. After that let it cool for a while.

2) Pour that lukewarm water into a bowl and add 1 teaspoon of the laundry detergent that may be present at your home.

3) Mix that all up until bubbles form over the mixture.

Always remember to not use bleaching agents for your Adidas shoes, Rod Laver, as they cause discoloration because of the strong synthetic chemicals used.

Use Soap to remove the grease:

Once you clean your shoes with the cleaning agent that you made at your home. The mesh will still need to be cleaned deeply and for that, you will have to use something more than an ordinary detergent.

To get all of that remaining dirt and dust out of your shoes, you can use a mild dishwashing soap and that will do all the magic. 

Dish soap contains a formula that fights all of the stains that are somehow difficult to take out. 

The following are the steps:

  1. Start the procedure by taking the dish soap and mixing it with water in a mixing bowl.
  2. Mix until a frothy mixture is obtained
  3. Take a soft cloth and dip it into the soapy mixture you just formed.
  4. Start cleaning your shoes by rubbing them gently over the shoes.
  5. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush and scrub your shoes gently with it after dipping it into the soapy solution.
  6. Finally, Rinse your Rod Laver Adidas shoes with cold water.

Clean your Rod Laver shoes with Vinegar:

When it comes to cleaning mesh shoes it is always best to use the best cleaning agents available and vinegar is one of them. It is totally natural and will not cause any sort of damage to your shoes. It also works great for taking out stains that are quite stubborn.

Follow these steps below to use vinegar as your cleaning agent:

1) Pour vinegar into a spray bottle.

2) Start spraying over your Rod Laver shoes leaving no spot, especially the stubborn stains.

3) Take a brush with soft bristles and start scrubbing over the mesh area gently.

4) Place your shoes outside or in a cool dry place and let them air dry.

5) If the stains do not wash away then repeat the steps mentioned above but this time with baking soda.

Use disinfectant wipes to clean the midsoles:

While cleaning the shoes, many people forget to clean the midsoles when they are as important as the exterior of your Rod Laver shoes. If you want to clean your shoes thoroughly then always remember to use disinfectant wipes to clean the midsoles.

Disinfectant wipes always make the best option while cleaning your midsoles. It is advised to not bleach that area of your shoe as it will completely ruin your shoes.

Rinse thoroughly using cold water:

Now that you have applied all of the soapy mixtures to your shoes, they must be very wet and foamy at this stage. So it is time to rinse all of that soap away. 

But in order to do that, always make sure that you are not submerging your shoes in the water because that can damage your entire shoe. 

The best way is to take a cloth and wipe away all of the excess soap and detergent that is left on the shoe. After that rinse your shoes under cold tap water.

Keep rinsing until they are completely soap free. 

Do not place them under the water for too long as it can badly affect the shape of the shoe.

Air dry your Rod Laver shoes:

Once you are done cleaning and wiping away all of the excess water and soap over your shoes, it is time to let them dry outdoors where there is perfect airflow.

The best tip to air dry your Rod Laver shoes is to never let them dry in an area where there is humidity as it can cause mold growth and that can seriously affect your shoes. It can also cause lots of unpleasant odors. 

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to never use an electric dryer or a fan to let your shoes dry as they can only damage the mesh with the continuous airflow over your shoes.

The best and preferable way is to let them dry in a cool dry place that is not indoors. 

The ideal location for drying shoes would be near a window.

How to clean your Rod Laver shoes in a washing machine:

If for some reason you can not clean your shoes by hand and do not have the time to spend scrubbing and soaking them then the best option is to clean them in a washing machine. This will not only save you time but will also provide you with the required outcome that you were wanting without causing any sort of damage to your shoes.

The following are the steps:

1) Start the procedure by taking a soft brush and gently rubbing it over to take out the excess dirt and dust that is present.

2) Now remove the laces of your shoes and place them away.

3) Take a dirty pillow case and place your shoes in them.

Once you’ve placed them inside, tie both ends so they are secured and do not come out while washing.

4) Now fill your washing machine up with water and add in your detergent, give it a good mix, and add in the tied pillowcase.

5) Set the washing machine settings to “delicate and cold”.

6)Set the timer to 20-30 minutes.

7) Remove the shoes from the washing machine and let them air dry in a cool and dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions by people:

Did Adidas stop making Rod Laver?

Yes, Adidas has stopped making Rod Laver shoes. But if you have them then you know by now how you can clean them correctly so they do not wear out soon.

What type of Adidas shoes are there?

There are many kinds of Adidas shoes out there. For example:

  • Superstar
  • Stan Smith
  • NMD
  • ZX
  • Forum
  • Swift
  • Nizza
  • adilette

What is the ideal location to dry your Rod Laver shoes?

The ideal location to dry your shoes is outdoors or somewhere where there is constant air flow preferably near a window or under a shade outside which is also cool and dry.

Conclusion | How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes

If you want to keep your Rod Laver shoes squeaky clean then you will have to follow the steps that are mentioned above. Our personal favorite way of cleaning shoes is by hand. However, if you are running out of time then you can definitely wash them in the washing machine but make sure to not damage the mesh.

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