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Car Dealers Open on Sunday

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The car buying process is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and often demands valuable time. Car dealerships play a crucial role in providing customers with the opportunity to explore, test drive, and ultimately purchase their desired vehicles. While many people find it convenient to visit dealerships on weekdays, the limited availability due to work and other commitments can be a challenge.

This is where the concept of car dealerships being open on Sundays comes into play. Opening doors on Sundays provides an additional day for customers to visit, making the car buying experience more accessible and flexible. We will delve into the benefits of car dealerships open on Sundays, explore the reasons behind Sunday closures in specific regions, and address any restrictions or opportunities associated with car purchases on Sundays in various states.

Are Car Dealers Open on Sundays?

Yes, many car dealerships are open on Sundays. However, the operating hours can vary based on the dealership’s location and policy. In some states, due to the blue laws (laws designed to restrict or ban Sunday activities for religious reasons), car dealerships remain closed. Hence, it’s always advisable to check the operating hours of your local dealership before making plans to visit.

To keep in mind that even if the physical dealership is closed, many have digital platforms that allow you to browse inventory, apply for financing, and sometimes even complete a purchase online, any day of the week.

Why Are Dealerships Closed on Sundays?

Dealerships might be closed on Sundays for several reasons. One primary reason is the existence of “blue laws” in certain U.S. states that prohibit car sales on Sundays. In the car industry, Sundays are typically considered a day off, allowing employees to rest and enjoy quality time with their families. From an operational perspective, running a dealership seven days a week can be costly. Sunday closures also offer dealerships the chance to manage their inventory, conduct deep cleaning and maintenance, and prepare for the coming week. Moreover, many dealerships have robust online platforms that allow for 24/7 car shopping, whether for browsing inventory, scheduling services, or making purchases.

What States Don’t Allow Car Sales on Sunday?

Multiple states in the United States experienced significant events. Where blue laws prohibited car sales on Sundays. Given that laws can undergo changes, it is advisable to regularly check the current regulations in your specific area to stay informed and up to date.  However, as of my last update, these states included:

  1. Illinois (with some exceptions depending on county population sizes)
  2. Indiana
  3. Maine
  4. Minnesota
  5. Missouri
  6. New Jersey
  7. North Dakota
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Texas
  10. Wisconsin

What Time Do Car Dealerships Open?

Car dealerships typically open their doors between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM, providing a general timeframe for their operating hours. However, these hours can vary based on the dealership’s specific policies and location. Therefore, it’s always recommended to check the exact opening times directly with the dealership you plan to visit. Therefore, it’s recommended to give your selected dealership a quick call or visit their website before embarking on your car buying journey.

What Time Do Dealerships Close?

Car dealerships typically close between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. However, like opening hours, closing times can vary depending on the specific dealership, its location, and the day of the week. Some dealerships might have extended hours during weekdays and shorter hours on weekends. It’s always best to check the specific closing times directly with the dealership you’re planning to visit.

Benefits of Car Dealerships Open on Sunday

Car dealerships open on Sundays offer several benefits for both customers and the dealership itself:

1. Customer Convenience

Many people work Monday through Friday, making weekends the most convenient time for them to visit a dealership. Having dealerships open on Sundays provides greater flexibility for these customers, allowing them to shop at their own pace.

2. Increased Sales Opportunities

Opening on Sundays increases the dealership’s potential customer base, as it caters to those who cannot visit during the weekdays. This can lead to increased foot traffic and potential sales.

3. Competitive Advantage

Being open on Sundays can give a dealership a competitive edge. In a market where many dealerships are closed, those open can capture a larger share of potential customers.

4. Customer Experience

Without the weekday rush, sales staff may be able to offer more personalized attention to Sunday shoppers, leading to a better customer experience and potentially better reviews and referrals.

5. Special Promotions

Dealerships can use Sunday openings to offer special promotions or events, attracting more customers.


Car dealerships that choose to open on Sundays provide valuable benefits to both customers and the dealership itself. By offering convenient hours, they cater to busy professionals who may not have time during the weekdays. This extended availability creates more opportunities for customers to explore, test drive, and make informed decisions at their own pace.

Additionally, dealerships open on Sundays gain a competitive advantage by attracting a larger customer base and potentially increasing sales. However, it’s essential for customers to verify the specific hours and services offered by each dealership, as Sunday operations may vary. Ultimately, having car dealerships open on Sundays enhances convenience and flexibility in the car buying process, benefiting both buyers and sellers alike.

FAQ | Car Dealers Open on Sunday

Are car dealerships open on Sundays in the UK? 

Car dealerships in the UK are generally open on Sundays, although it’s important to note that specific hours may vary by dealership and location. It’s always a good idea to check the opening hours of the dealership you plan to visit.

Why are car dealerships closed on Sunday in PA? 

Car dealerships in Pennsylvania are traditionally closed on Sundays due to historical blue laws, which restrict or ban certain activities on Sundays for religious reasons. While these laws have relaxed in some areas, resulting in some dealerships being open on Sundays, many dealerships still choose to remain closed or have limited hours on Sundays.

Can you buy a car on Sunday in CO? 

Yes, you can buy a car on Sundays in Colorado. Unlike some states with blue laws, there are no specific restrictions on car sales on Sundays in Colorado.

Can dealerships sell cars on Sunday in Ohio? 

Yes, car dealerships in Ohio are allowed to sell cars on Sundays. There are no specific restrictions in Ohio that prohibit car sales on Sundays, and dealerships are generally open for business throughout the week, including Sundays.

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