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Are basketball shoes good for running?

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Basketball is a game that requires a lot of running from one end to the other and to achieve a smooth game it is important that you wear shoes that are comfortable and will help you run easily. However it is not quite that simple.

As the name suggests, running shoes are specially designed to help people in running long distances and basketball shoes are specifically made for playing the game. Even though there is a lot of running involved in the game. It can become a little hard to use the same basketball shoes to run many miles. 

This may not seem a really big difference but it can cause a little interruption if you are running a long distance.

Basketball shoes are also used for fashion now. They can be casually paired with your everyday outfits easily. 

There is a huge difference between simple running and playing basketball which is why both shoe types are different. Basketball consists of different movements such as run, move, start, jump, and stop while running has one movement only. So the question here is: Are basketball shoes good for running? 

The answer to your question will be in the following article:

Basketball shoes are good for running when:

Running in basketball shoes can be a great option if you are going to run for short distances and need good ankle health. The basketball shoes are great for providing a lot of support and ankle stability. 

Your basketball shoes have extra cushioning:

Whenever a person is running, every part of the body experiences some sort of shock. That happens because of the gravity force, whenever the person’s heels touch the ground. So it is very important that the basketball shoes you are going to use for running have enough cushioning that they can absorb all of the shocks. And will not cause any sort of pain to your feet or joints. 

When you are using your basketball shoes to run short distances:

Basketball shoes are a great choice. if you are going to run for distances that are not too long. But if you are going to run for many miles then this is not a good option. Basketball shoes are a bit heavier and they work perfectly. When you are in the game because you require lots of stability and traction. While running heavier shoes could be a problem. 

When you are using the same shoes for playing indoors:

If you’re going to play games and are out of money to buy running shoes then do not think of using those same basketball shoes for running. This will cause you a lot of pain and aches in your joints and body. If you consider going for a run wearing the same basketball shoes then after a while you will lose control over the ground and it can cause serious problems to your feet. You can definitely play in them but you can not run in them.

When your shoes fit you perfectly:

The proper fitting of shoes is very important especially if you are going to use them for running purposes. Since basketball shoes are a little heavy then you also have to take that into account because heavier shoes are usually not close to your feet. 

If you wear heavier shoes they can cause a lot of ankle pain. This can lead to many joint issues. So always make sure that your shoes fit you properly and if they do then also be sure if the laces tighten well. If the shoes do not fit you properly then do not wear them for running.

When you are not running on uneven surfaces:

Basketballs are great shoes if you are going to wear them over surfaces that are smooth and not bumpy at all. One of the reasons is that they do not provide enough traction and can cause sliding. So it is always best to avoid wearing basketball shoes over concrete, snow, and sane. 

Concrete is very hard which is why it can cause a lot of damage to your heels if you are not wearing the proper shoes. Basketball shoes can cause sliding over surfaces which can lead to injuries. Snow is very slippery which is why it is never recommended to wear basketball shoes over it. 

If you are thinking of going for a short run that is not more than 3 miles once a week then it is okay if you wear basketball shoes because that will not cause a lot of damage. But if you are considering running as a part of your daily routine especially if you are going to run for a long distance then you should consider buying the right running shoes for that. 

Since basketball shoes are very heavy so there is a higher chance of damage that can be caused to your feet. In many cases running in basketball shoes even for shorter distances could be a problem. If you feel pain in your ankles, knees, or hip joints then you should stop running in your basketball shoes immediately. This should also be applied while using running shoes.

What problems can you face using basketball shoes for running:

In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss a few problems that are associated with wearing basketball shoes for running:

The foremost problem with wearing basketball shoes for running is that there is no proper cushioning present. Basketball shoes are made to be flat with a very heavy sole which can become an extra load that you do not need for running. Running shoes have to be lightweight and cushioned so that when you land on your heels they would not cause any sort of pain. 

The second problem that one can face while using basketball shoes for running is the flexibility a running shoe offers. Basketball shoes are generally pretty tight and do not have any sort of extra cushioning which is why whenever a player takes any moves during running he can face problems. 

If you are a runner you will know that flexibility is always a number one priority.

Another reason that a runner could face is that running shoes are much more comfortable than basketball shoes. So if you are planning on running for larger distances, basketball shoes are a big no. If you are going to use them for jogging around for a few meters then it is okay to use them otherwise it won’t be the most comfortable experience. 

Can you use running shoes for basketball?

The answer to this question is very neutral because on one side running shoes do provide a smooth running experience. But since they are not made specifically for playing the game so they are not that responsive. Basketball shoes should have more grip, adequate traction, and responsive soles. And running shoes do not have these features. Running shoes are made mostly for only forwarding movement, and basketball has so many cuts in that it is not safe for your ankles or other joints to use running shoes for basketball.

But this decision mostly depends on what surface you are going to play basketball on. If you are going to play basketball indoors then you can not use running shoes at all. If you are going to play over a surface that is Tartan then that is a very good option. Concrete and asphalt provide a lot of support. But are very hard which is why they can cause direct damage to your feet. 

The other thing on which this decision depends is the intensity and the playing style of the player. It is ideal if the player is more static and who is great at shooting threes. For physical games, running shoes are not that supportive.

In the end, the thing that matters the most is that the shoe should fit almost 90% especially if you are playing over the above-mentioned surfaces or if you are not going to play a game with a lot of intensity.

Are basketball shoes good for walking

Basketball shoes are designed in a way that they provide a lot of traction and grip during the game. But are a good alternative if you do not have any running shoes. You can use these for daily walking or running over miles that are not too long.

Can you wear basketball shoes casually?

You may be thinking, is it ok to wear basketball shoes casually? The answer is for casual use basketball shoes are a great option if you keep them clean. You will have to put them in the air after every use just to keep them fresh and so that there is no bad odor in them.

Basketball shoes are great if you are going to use them every day. They will help you keep your feet comfortable throughout the day and they have 

  • the best cushion design
  • Amazing ankle and arch support.

Conclusion | Are basketball shoes good for running?

Basketball shoes are great for everyday use especially if you are not going to walk in them for too long. They will go great with your outfits and are designed in a way to provides you with great cushioning and amazing ankle support. So you do not end up damaging your joints. They can look great if you are using them for fashion use. The only drawback that might appear after using them daily is that the lifetime could be affected. But make sure to always keep them in the air after using them and place them in a cool dry place. Where there is no dust falling over them.

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